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Friday, 7 November 2014

Burgundy Bang

I've always been a massive fan of hats, and I'm glad that floppy hats are now in fashion. Not only do they prevent an uneven v-neck tan (I live in Australia, where thirty three degrees Celsius is very normal), but they also give the final 'omff' to an out outfit.

Anyway, my HSC finally ended a few days ago and I'm still trying to adjust myself to this new sense of freedom.I went to a school where school uniform was compulsory and mufti day was non-existent, so I thought I'd celebrate the end of my imprisonment by starting a fashion / lifestyle / personal blog. I'm now on my break until mid-March, where I will start my university course.That's four months to do whatever  I want, whenever I want- that's a third of a year! Let's hope I don't waste this opportunity and remain productive during the Summer break so I won't have any regrets whatsoever by the time I start university. My final exams during high school really taught me how much I can manage to do within my 16 hours of being awake- let's hope this mentality lasts until March.

I'm also currently working on creating a dress. Pictures will be up soon!

Asos Playsuit
Target floppy hat
Thrifted boots

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